A sweet reprieve: Ketamine helps to relive phantom limb pain

Phantom limb pain is the experience of a part of the body that has been surgically removed. Patients report feeling pain in legs that have been amputated or in teeth that have been removed. Ketamine is proving to be a suitable remedy for aches, pangs, and shooting pains related to the missing body part.  Oral Ketamine has proven effective for a number of patients who experienced 9/10 pain in limbs that had been removed.

Oral Ketamine provides relief for patients who participate in outpatient pain clinics. These are individuals who pain is so bad that they report it to be almost a 10 out of 10 on the pain scale. These patients are living a life where they long for a moment or tow without unbearable pain. For these people, ingesting ketamine in its liquid form, provided them with much-needed relief. Liquid ketamine on its own in quite bitter. When it is mixed with a sugary drink, such as a cola, it’s taste is much improved, and it becomes palatable.

For some members of this phantom limb pain group, the pain will dissipate over time. For others, they finding themselves having to live with unbearable pangs of discomfort that make their lives very, very uncomfortable. Pain management and treatment for the feelings that arise both from the phantom limb pain and from the anxiety and mental stress that is caused by it can be addressed by having an honest chat with your doctor and mental health professional. Living with chronic pain and managing the stress that arises from it, is a job for your professional team of doctors.

Over the years researchers have deduced that phantom limb pain is caused by misinformation that transpires between the brain and the spinal cord. The two areas of the nervous system have a rocky time of communicating once the limb that they were talking about is removed. A result of the miscommunication is a blanket statement to the body that something is off. The brain and the spinal cord communicate that sentiment by distributing pain signals. For phantom limb pain, oral ketamine is a viable solution in the search for pain relief to get patients on the road back to a whole and healthy life.


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